CTP Audio Interview with Gabriela

CTP Audio Interview with Gabriela:
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The following expert audio interview is part of the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) program.


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How to Get Recurring Translation Clients

The translation industry is very competitive and whether you are working as a freelance translator or building your own translation agency learning how to attract more repeat clients is one of the highest leverage topics that you can invest your time in learning more about.  We hope you get a lot of value out of this unique video training module on this very topic.  (Click to Download MP4)


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Expert Translator Audio Interviews

Below is an Expert Translator Audio Interview that our team completed with Paulo Eduardo Rodrigues who has 8 years of translation experience and works from Brazil.

Participants within the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Designation Program now receive a number of expert translator interviews in Audio MP3 form. This is in addition to the video resources participants also receive within this program.
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A Typical Working Day As A Professional Translator

Below is a short video our team just produced which provides an overview of what a typical working day and typical responsibilities are for a professional translator.  This video is part of our Translator Training Video Platform series being produced as a part of the resources we provide to participants within our online translation training and certification program. – The Global Translation Institute (GTI) Team

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Top 5 Translation Career Mistakes

Our team at the Global Translation Institute (GTI) just completed a new video as part of our Translator Training Video Platform Series.  This video is called  ”Top 5 Translation Career Mistakes.”  This video along with more exclusive videos are all included for participants within our translation certification program, the CTP Designation.  We hope you enjoy the video!

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