Below, please find links to the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Study Guide, audio-based interviews, video trainings, and other useful resources.

  1. CTP Designation Study Guide: Click on the text to the left to download the study guide, or right-click the link and choose “Save As” to save this PDF to your desktop.
  2. Audio MP3 Study Tips Audio Interview:  We have completed a phone interview with Gabriela, the #1 highest scoring CTP participant of all time. Learn about how to better prepare for the CTP Program by listening to this audio resource.
  3. CTP-Practice-Test  Our team has created a practice examination that you can complete on your own within Excel.
  4. Translator Directory (~1,000 Firms Deep):  This spreadsheet was built by one of our alumni members and contains contact details for ~1,000 translation agencies, firms, and freelance professionals. If you are looking to get connected and network within the translation agency, this is a very valuable resource.
  5. Translator Resume Template:  Click on the text to the left to download our Translator Resume Template, if you do not have Microsoft Word you may open this file with Google Docs for free.  This resource was developed by the Global Translation Institute for members of the CTP program.
  6. FREE E-book How to Become a Certified Translator written by our Managing Director, Adriana Tassini.  While this book is not required for the examination, it is a bonus, supplemental resource that you can download and read for free, if you wish.
  7. Schedule your examination: If you are taking the exam for the first time please click this link to register and select a date. You must schedule your exam 2 weeks before all test dates.
  8. Re-Take: If you have failed the first exam and wish to retake either the entire exam or part 2 only Please click this link:
  9. Date Change: If you are looking to change your Exam date.

Expert Translator Interviews (Audio Files): Our team continues to interview expert translation professionals who openly share their translation career and business growth advice with everyone in our program.  To listen to these interviews, click the links below. If they do not automatically download or open, please try right clicking each of the names below and select the “Save As” option to save them to your desktop.  These are Mp3 audio files that will play on most computers and handheld MP3 devices after being downloaded to your computer.

  1. Komi
  2. Paulo
  3. Carmela
  4. Emma
  5. Jean
  6. Mamlakatoi
  7. Yassir
  8. Pilar
  9. Meral
  10. Ignacio

Audio Book Translator Training Textbook:  We now offer an audio book version of The Translator Training Textbook; this is a premium feature that costs a little bit extra.  The audio files for this version of the book can be downloaded to help you study for the examination while traveling, exercising, or commuting to work.  If you have already paid for access to this audio book resource please click here.  To learn how to gain access to the audio book download page in this website please visit:

Translator Training Videos: The following 40+ videos are supplemental materials created to provide additional insights, training, and best practices from our team directly to you.  We are recording new videos every month. If you have a specific topic you would like to see a video on, please email us. We will do our best to create that video resource for you within 1 month.

  1. Top 5 Translation Career Mistakes
  2. Typical Working Day As a Translator
  3. Common Translation Specializations
  4. Ethics for Translators
  5. How to Brand Yourself as an Expert Translator
  6. How to Get Recurring Translation Clients
  7. How to Start A Translation Agency Business
  8. Legal Considerations for Translators
  9. Tips on How to Build an Online Presence in the Translation Industry
  10. How to Use Google Adwords to Grow Your Translation Business or Career
  11. Leveraging The Power of Commitment in the Translation Industry
  12. Leveraging the Liking Principle As a Translator
  13. Leveraging the Power of Authority in the Translation Industry
  14. Leveraging the Power of Reciprocation As a Translator
  15. Leveraging the Power of Scarcity as a Professional Translator
  16. Leveraging the Power of Social Proof as a Translator
  17. How To Get A Translation Industry Internship
  18. More Tips on Getting a Translation Internship
  19. Persuasive Writing Tips for Translators
  20. How to Create a Mastermind Group in the Translation Industry
  21. Simulating the Mastermind Within the Translation Industry
  22. 5 Steps to Perfect Document Preparation for Translators
  23. How to Build an Authoritative Online Presence
  24. The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Translators
  25. 8 File Formats for Translator To Know For Global Translation Work
  26. Getting it Right in Ten Steps – Proper Proofreading Tips
  27. 3 Types of Proofreading for Translators
  28. Tools To Help You Get a Translation Job: Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters
  29. 5 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Business
  30. How Much To Charge When You Start Working As a Translator
  31. What is the Difference Between Working for a Translation Agency & Doing Freelance Translation Work?
  32. How to Translate More Quickly Without Lowering the Quality of Your Work
  33. Six Important Terms & Acronyms to Know as a Translator
  34. A Review of Translation Software Options
  35. How to Make More Money as a Translator
  36. 5 Places to Look for Online Translation Work
  37. The Pros and Cons of Test Translations
  38. The Top Six Benefits of Being a Professional Translator
  39. The Top 10 Translation Career & Training Resources
  40. Tips For Starting a Freelance Translation Business
  41. Why Many Translators Are Not Extremely Successful